🫀 29 y/o artist that's been drawing since I could stand up to a table with a crayon. I like to tinker with a website for fun that displays my life and my art along with any adventures I'm up to. My other hobbies include playing video games, building mini houses, learning to bake from scratch and I got into crochet in the last couple of years! Really helps my anxiety :)🫀 Commissions are closed at this time, but please feel free to read all of my commission information using the buttons below so you can be properly informed for when they open back up! My books will be open in July! ˙ᵕ˙🫀 18+ (adults) only zone!! With all love and respect, I'm not a babysitter and there's a reason I chose to not have kids..
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neurrotted's commission information

neurrotted/neurrotted.art (artist)
Current Terms of Service
Revised March 3rd, 2024
Business email for serious inquiries: [email protected]
Email is my preferred way to communicate.
If you disagree with ANY of my terms, I urge you to NOT inquire further about a commission out of respect for your time and mine. Thank you.Please read the sections ahead fully and carefully so there are minimal miscommunications.>> I update this as needed, so check back when you're interested!!

general disclaimers

  • I do not draw outside of "my" style. If you like another's artist style, PAY THAT ARTIST.

  • My artwork is NOT for NFT projects or “Ai Art” projects/pieces. Point blank. You do not have my permission under any circumstance.

  • Once accepted, you will be added into my queue at the time of your accepted commission. This can have a 1 - 2 day update delay.

  • Communication is key here! This includes informing me of any deadlines you may have at the beginning of inquiring about a commission. Any details not explicitly said via email will not be considered because what I don't know, I can't do.

  • Also with communication: More detail always beats less when describing a character or scene you specifically want. I’ll always appreciate when you write me a mini novel of what you see in your head, with various images as references, as opposed to nothing and being disappointed when I don't match your expectations. I want to make you as happy with my work as I can!! At least reference images for poses, time period, clothing, hair type, eye color, etc are helpful!

  • Please Note: If I do not hear from you for 10 days (no prior notice via email), I will terminate your commission and will not give a refund. You can be blacklisted from my future commissions if this occurs 2+ times. I can be understanding because life is unpredictable and I'm always willing to listen to your side, but this is also my business that deserves respect.

  • I send updates as I do the work. Sketch, Clean Lines, Flat Colors, Finished.

  • I prefer to deliver my commissions via email in a ZIP folder. If this method doesn’t work best for you, please let me know so I can find a solution in sending your art!

  • There is always a chance I may record your commission for social media or to stream on twitch. If you would like for me to not do this, please let me know when contacting me!

specific disclaimers

  • Animals: I am simply not an animal artist at this time and do not feel comfortable taking a commission for them.

  • Furry artwork: See first disclaimer. Stylized animals also count. One day.

  • Mecha: No experience with this type of artwork so it's not my strong suit at this time. I would be willing to attempt light armor/mecha elements, however with plenty of references.

payment disclaimers

  • All of my prices are in USD.

  • I accept payments only through PayPal at this time.

  • If the commission total is over $100 then you may inquire about my payment plans. Please inquire further in your initial email if this interests you!!

  • I prefer to use the half deposit system. 1st deposit (half total price) before I begin working and then the 2nd deposit is due upon completion and after an revisions that may be needed.

  • The client (you) will now have up to 3 days from the agreement date to send the first deposit payment before you are booted from the art queue and/or blacklisted. (updated 03/03/2024)

  • Refunds are not issued to compensate for any work done on my end.

client rights

  • You may ask as many questions as you need.

  • You may ask for 2 revisions per working update I send.

  • You also have 2 final revisions

  • You do not HAVE to revise anything, but if anything is missing or off, please let me know!

What you are allowed to do with a commission piece as the client:
- Use it for branding yourself online.
- Show it off to your family, friends, and online community.
- Use it as a profile picture or in a banner for funsies.
- Make it your phone background to show off how rad you are.
- Use it in merch drops IF there is a commercial art license purchased.

commercial licensing

  • Pricing starts at $100 // Prices will vary based on each project specifications and how long these projects will run.

artist rights

  • I reserve my right to turn down any commission. I also reserve the right to terminate a commission in progress with no refund if I feel mistreated by the client. (Slurs, derogatory language, etc. You cannot treat me any which way under the sun and then expect top tier service.)

  • I may take up to a week to reply to your initial inquiry.

  • No other “artist” or person in general has the right to edit or use my work at all without my knowledge. Referencing is fine. Tracing, stealing, coping, “recoloring”, “editing”, “fixing”, etc. is not.

  • All art will have my watermark/signature. Only debatable for commercial works.

  • I may use your commission in my gallery to showcase my skills and recent pieces.

what you can expect from me

  • Reminder that this is not a physical product so you will not receive anything in your physical hands. Just the zip folder in your email. You will receive:

  • Sketch clean lines update, Line Work, Flat Colors, and Finished Piece (with watermarks).

  • Final artwork in a Zip folder sent via email the client provides via contacting the artist. (This is the finalized and completed artwork.)

- For any questions, please email [email protected]!

- If this all works for you, and my commissions are open, please feel free to contact me about your commission inquiry preferably by email! :D

art style(s) for sale

Available for: Headshots/Portraits/Busts (head to shoulders), Waist Up, and Full BodyThese will also vary in price due to complexity or simplicity of the subject(s).For multiple subjects in one piece, the price will multiply based on each character's complexity and total number of individuals in the piece.Chibi styling is an option.